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Did you know that we have about 80 five star hotels in Switzerland, not bad at all for such a small country. Indeed, we master hospitality and it’s for sure not a myth, Swiss standards are high and we are proud of that.

Let SwissMade Travel taylor your stay in our spectacular country: whether is for a business trip, week end with friends, romantic getaway or family holiday.  We will know what to recommend for each occasion.

If you feel more adventurous we can propose a list of unique and unusual accommodation such as: igloos, yurts, castles and even convents.

SwissMadeTravel can offer to you the best prices and some bonus such as a higher category of rooms, surprises and discounts. We will also be happy to offer Hotel + Excursion packages.

Let our guides share their experience, just bring your comfortable shoes and we will make you dream the Swiss history.

Let SwissMade Travel take care of your stay so you can relax and enjoy the moste beutiful places of this unic country.